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We are an international team of international ecommerce experts who join forces to help companies grow internationally, facilitating the complexity of online sales. With headquarters in Dublin and offices in Turin, Barcelona, New York, London and Adelaide we break down physical barriers, making brands feel local to international buyers. As the chosen partner of hundreds of global companies, Go Global Ecommerce is the leading provider of innovative D2C cross-border e-commerce solutions.
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Our Vision

Enable a borderless e-world for people and brands.

Our Mission

We connect brands to international customers by managing the complexities and risks of selling abroad, ensuring a best-in-class local shopping experience on a global scale.

Our Values


Trust, every step of the way. We can be trusted to achieve great results. We believe in your venture, and you have our full, unwavering support in helping you get there.


Experts in technology and all things “e-”, we also put the e in empathy. We care about people, and we care about our world. We strive for sustainable relationships and sustainable industries.


Accessibility is our middle name. You are our priority, and you can count on us – wherever, whenever and however. We pride ourselves on being there for you through thick and thin.

Driving force

Your ambition is the driving force behind our passion to help you get the results you want, and more. We never stop looking for ways to improve that directly benefit everyone associated with us.


The joy of sweet success and the joy of the journey to get there. There will always be ups and downs, but the dynamism of our organisation means that the highs far outweigh the lows.

One team

People first, always. We are united: client, employee, local, global. We actively welcome diversity and inclusion. It is precisely what fuels positive growth – in life and in every aspect of our work.

Lead team

Giovanni Meda

Giovanni Meda is Co-Founder and Director at Go Global Ecommerce. He has a wealth of experience in the e-commerce sector – spanning nearly a quarter of a century – and strongly advocates teamwork, mutual trust and support. His success in the industry and fervent belief in positive relations are demonstrated by the fact that his first business initiative, launched with friends more than two decades ago, evolved into three laudable companies: Go Global Ecommerce, Kooomo – an SaaS e-commerce platform and ZeroGrey – an e-commerce accelerator that drives brands’ growth. Enthusiastic about the constant pressure to adapt to change, he embraces the challenges and opportunities presented by e-commerce today.

Simone De Ruosi

Simone De Ruosi is CEO of Go Global Ecommerce. With a solid background in Engineering and Business and a sound knowledge of productive system management (largely Lean Thinking) and strategic business management, he recently completed his MBA at the ESCP Business School (placed at number 6 in the FT Global MBA 2022 rankings). When he co-founded and launched Go Global Ecommerce in 2020, he set out to assist brands ambitious about expanding on a global scale – an objective that has been fulfilled, having aided brands such as Nestlé, Kraft Heinz, Smeg, The Ridge and Blauer USA to grow internationally. He is a Mensa member, a keen sportsman and, above all, a family man.

Daniel Viniegra

Daniel Viniegra is Chief Commercial and Partnerships Officer at Go Global Ecommerce, CEO of ZeroGrey, and one of the longest-standing members of Tech Barcelona, a leader in Barcelona’s ever-evolving digital and technological ecosystem. Multilingual and vehemently dedicated to making e-commerce both accessible and digestible for businesses great and small, he has helped multinational retailers such as Decathlon, Smeg and Carrefour (but to name a few) to develop, implement and maintain effective digital and cross-border strategies. His motivation is unwavering, he is on board the digital revolution and excited about further supporting businesses in their plight for global expansion.

Roberta Mantovani

Thanks to extensive experience internationally in marketing, communications, PR and branding, Roberta boasts a solid set of skills and capabilities in the marketing, advertising and media fields. Creativity, authenticity, strategic thinking, PR and leadership make up the bulk of her skill set. Roberta’s passion for business strategy and ecommerce makes her a key member on the Go Global Ecommerce board. She is currently on the EMBA programme at ESCP, which ranks #5 worldwide.

Dermot Keating

Dermot Keating is the Chief Financial Officer and is a chartered accountant, with 10 years of post qualification experience, as well as a BA International Degree with Economics, and a Masters Degree in Business Management. His experience spans multiple industries, including Financial Services, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Technology, and has experience with starts ups and scales up in the past.As Chief Financial Officer, Dermot is responsible for tracking cash flow and financial planning and analyzing the company's financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing strategic directions

Dean Smith

Dean Smith is an experienced transformational leader with a background in consulting and operations in telecommunications, financial services, and technology globally. As Chief Customer Officer he is responsible for the entire customer journey – commercial and operations – ensuring that our clients and their customers get the best-possible experience. His knowhow in supporting start-ups, scale-ups and enterprise businesses to grow and transform helps our business resonate with our clients’ needs. Dean’s attention to continuous improvement, dynamic market positioning and customer success help us to deliver on our promise to be the #1 Merchant of Record globally.

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