Chiara Boni

The brand

Elegant, timeless, seasonless and comfort are key words in describing La Petite Robe Collection designed by Chiara Boni. The secret of her clothes began with very innovative, eco-friendly stretch fabrics developed by Chiara. Chiara Boni La Petite Robe is the first Italian women’s wear company to obtain the European certification PEF “Product Environmental Footprint”.

The challenge

In 2019, Chiara Boni was looking to boost its retail sales through ecommerce, hand in hand with a reliable partner who could identify with and commit to its online expansion project into the US market. Finding a partner that understood and adapted its product to the needs of the market in order to maximise its efforts was key to rethinking the services to be offered to its customers. Chiara Boni also expected to find in this partner an expert in multi inventory management for the company’s sales. Selling to another continent meant dealing with the country’s preferred local payment methods, fraud and risk protection, as well as managing the various fees and legal complexities of selling to the United States.

“Every business needs a personalised plan, Go Global Ecommerce has proved to us they are knowledgeable about the solid realities of the online retail sector. We have found a true partner, which makes the difference between a company that works for you and a company that works with you. Their commitment to the project was crucial for us to trust Go Global Ecommerce”

Donatella Salerno
Head of Communication and Digital Strategy at Chiara Boni

Steps to success

The pandemic was a crucial and important moment for ecommerce and production. Chiara Boni’s designs are made for special occasions and it was a great support to have Go Global Ecommerce to drive the growth of the sale of her products through the eshop. Go Global Ecommerce assists in the process of expanding stock availability in the online shops and managing in-store returns to ensure a cost-effective supply chain for cross-border sales. In addition, the brand’s customer service is available in more than 5 languages via the web contact form and telephone number. As their Merchant of Record entity, we have integrated payment gateways such as PayPal Express and Amazon Pay in addition to the existing payment methods.


Since December 2019, Chiara Boni has experienced a complete improvement of the online business through the development and study of the right strategy for each market and the right solutions to satisfy its customers provided by Go Global Ecommerce. Among the most relevant results there is a 66% increase in items sold, a 33% increase in the number of orders, and a decrease in the bounce rate of 16.59% compared to the first 6 months of 2020. These have led to an outstanding user experience rating of 4.5/5 in its European and North American markets. With great ambition, the brand expects to achieve 179% sales growth in gross revenue compared with 2020 in order to maximise its efforts and share the success with Go Global Ecommerce.


+ 0 %
Turnover Gross Credit Notes
The achievement of the percentage has been possible due to the 66% increase of items sold compared to the first half of 2020.
+ 0 %
Customers Satisfied With The Overall Shopping Experience
Delivery procedure and email updating on the order status were considered as excellent service for Chiara’s Boni European online shoppers.
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Net Turnover In Credit Notes (Chiara Boni USA)
The brand expects to raise this percentage by expanding the stock availability in stores, so the online can get quantities from the boutiques and the boutiques can order from the online.