Cost-Effective and High-Ranking SEO: How to Optimise E-Commerce to Sell Without Borders


August 03, 2022

Cost-Effective and High-Ranking SEO: How to Optimise E-Commerce to Sell Without Borders
SEO is a fundamental part of increasing the visibility and sales of any online business. In today's market, most e-commerce companies already have a strategy for positioning their business on Google searches in their local market, but what happens when a company wants to make the leap into other countries?

International SEO strategy

When a company wants to expand into international markets, it tends to replicate the same SEO strategy that has worked in its home country. However, this rarely works and can even end up damaging the brand.

The reality is that any company wanting to enjoy success in the international market must develop an international SEO strategy.

How do I create an international SEO strategy?

If you are thinking about internationalising your brand, the first thing you should do is ask yourself the following questions:

Which audiences are you looking to target?

International SEO seeks to focus on local audiences in different geographic locations and, depending on which country you want to introduce your brand to, your SEO strategy will need to be adapted. For example, addressing the European market – where users mainly rely on Google – is not the same as working on positioning in Russia – where the preferred search engine is Yandex, or in China, where the most popular search engine is Baidu.

What are the most important localisation factors?

One of the most important factors when developing an international strategy is to make sure that the translations of keywords or content are appropriate and to avoid literal translations that can produce misunderstandings.
It is necessary to research how users express themselves in the markets you intend to target. 

Consider Spain and Latin America, for example. Spanish is spoken in both places, yet there are many expressions that change depending on the country.

How do I go about local link building?

A good way to create a good link-building strategy for a new market is to look for collaborations and to get posts sponsored on local blogs.

Should I use the same keywords in different markets?

The keywords you are using for your local market may not work in other countries; either because they don't have search volume or because they are too competitive. Some keywords might not even exist in other countries, so it is important to do keyword research for every new market.

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