Customer care, because a good marketing strategy starts here

Customer care in the world of online commerce is much more than a problem-solving tool: it is an integral part of an ecommerce marketing strategy. To be optimal, customer care requires attention, flexibility, agility and know-how. In the digital age – and thus in ecommerce-related customer care – shoppers also expect constant accessibility and the possibility of advice through all channels. According to Accenture research, there is a top 5 list of extremely frustrating experiences for a customer when dealing with customer care: 74% of respondents are very dissatisfied when they have to contact customer service several times with the same requests, 69% don’t like waiting on hold on the phone, 66% find it unpleasant to have to explain the same problem to different employees, 64% are annoyed by employees and self-help systems that can’t solve problems, and 66% complain about rude and unfriendly staff. But how do you avoid getting on this black list? There are a number of factors that are fundamental to good customer care, and they are a good starting point for giving your customers the experience they deserve.

Read the complete report where you will find the opinion of Stefania Fornari, Customer Care Manager at Go Global Ecommerce, who explains everything there is to know about customer care for ecommerce businesses.

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