Food Industry and Cross-Border E-commerce: An Overview


June 07, 2022

Food Industry and Cross-Border E-commerce: An Overview
The year 2022 has proved itself a particularly favourable year for e-commerce growth in general, and for cross-border e-commerce activities in particular, keeping in line with the positive trends of the last two years. Indeed, the purchasing process has largely shifted online, with a consequent impact on several areas governing various aspects of the market, from consumer choices to logistics. 

The online sale of food products is not excluded from this general trend, leading businesses and consumers to ask themselves: How do I know whether I should rely on a certain brand? How can I ensure the freshness of a certain product? Which products should I buy online and offline? How do I manage transport and delivery services while guaranteeing the quality of food and beverages? How does one deal with customer dissatisfaction?.

These are just some of the questions that not only demonstrate the changes taking place in today's market but also point us in the direction of how to proceed in the future in order to understand how to open and manage a food e-commerce business, especially when it is cross-border.

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