Why Go Global Ecommerce?

Go Global Ecommerce is Europe’s #1 cross-border e-commerce solution that simplifies the complexity of D2C sales for companies looking to expand their business to new international markets. Our complete global infrastructure, combined with our high-end technology makes us a reliable partner to sell confidently and risk-free, reducing operating costs and maximising revenues to accelerate growth. 

As a Merchant of Record, we act as a white-label distributor responsible for reselling brands’ products to their online customers worldwide. Working with us, companies own their product, platform, strategy, and customers, while we take care of all the administrative and financial tasks that come with processing payments and staying compliant, including fraud prevention, tax calculation, fiscal and legal compliance, and financial reconciliation. 

With headquarters in Dublin, Turin, Barcelona, London, Sydney, and NY and over 22 years of experience, we have become the best cost-effective and trustworthy ally for some of the most iconic brands worldwide including Nestle, Kraft-Heinz, Smeg, The Ridge, and Blauer USA.
Why Go Global

What issues can companies face when going global?

Going global is exciting, but it can also be very risky if companies do not take the necessary measures and actions to be compliant and avoid extra costs. We manage all the complexity of cross-border ecommerce, simplifying transactions from the shopping cart. Our services ensure peace of mind for our clients and increase their international business volume without risk.

The Top 8 Risks E-Commerce Businesses Face:

  • Negotiate credit card processing fees.
  • Maintain a merchant account.
  • Administer refunds and chargebacks,
  • Fraud risks - Identity theft, intellectual property violations and credit card fraud.
  • Ensure compliance with PCI-DSS standards and other payment laws.
  • Non-compliance with taxation requirements.
  • Manage tax calculation and international fiscal risks.
  • Gestire il calcolo delle imposte e i rischi fiscali internazionali.
  • Non-compliance with Privacy & GDPR: will lead to risks of being fined with 4% on overall sales.

A Technology that Integrates with the Most Popular Platforms on the Market

Our technology can be integrated with all the relevant e-commerce platforms in the market. Whether your online shop was created using Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Kooomo or any other platform, we can make all integrations possible in order to grow your online business quickly and effectively. 

The Most Relevant Payment Methods at your Fingertips

Go Global Ecommerce offers the most commonly used and most important digital payment methods across the five continents. As a result,  there’s no need to worry about contracting and managing different payment methods individually.
We provide you with everything you need.

Advantages of Go Global Ecommerce



High Complexity: Multiple Partners
  • Set-up of at least 3 payment methods/country
  • Payment gateway
  • VAT & tax management
  • Tax & legal consultant
  • Fraud insurance
  • Employee for order management
  • Reconciliation & cash management
  • Returns & refunds
  • Multilingual customer care 
  • Logistics Management
  • Digital Legal consultant
Go Global Ecommerce

Go Global Ecommerce

Simplicity: A Unique Partner

Save hiring multiple partners by relying on Go Global Ecommerce's 20+ years of expertise. We handle all the complexities of cross-border ecommerce from a single entity. Increasing numbers of companies are using this working model.

  • Simplicity
  • Business Growth
  • Service excellence
  • Partnership

At Go Global Ecommerce we take care of the complexity of D2C cross-border sales

  • Simplify financial operations.
  • Transfer financial responsibility.
  • Stay compliant. 
  • Streamline workflows and communications.
  • Sell internationally immediately and accelerate growth.
  • Save time, money and effort.
  • Minimise risks.

The fastest in the Market

The fastest in the Market

Our Unique proprietary technology and expertise means that, in just 14 days, you're equipped and ready to sell cross-border.



Our proprietary technology needs little to no technical integration with your existing e-commerce platform, helping you to get ready to sell right away.

End-to-End Expertise

End-to-End Expertise

With 22 years of experience in the industry, we help you to launch your cross-border e-commerce business, without the need for any other partners.

The best cost-effective solution

The best cost-effective solution

Selling online internationally with Go Global Ecommerce is easy, fast and cost-effective and most importantly, risk-free! Increase revenue and ensure local customer satisfaction.