Why Go Global Ecommerce?

At Go Global Ecommerce we offer Cross Border Ecommerce solutions to simplify international commerce and help companies accelerate their growth in the D2C environment.

As a Merchant of Record we take care of global payments, tax, fraud and compliance management to provide seamless local experiences.

We work with companies all over the world and help them take their product to different global markets. We handle all the complexities of cross-border sales, while they focus on what matters most: their product.

Why Go Global

What issues can companies face when going global?

Going global is exciting, but it can also be very risky if companies do not take the necessary measures and actions to be compliant and avoid extra costs. We manage all the complexity of cross-border ecommerce, simplifying transactions from the shopping cart. Our services ensure peace of mind for our clients and increase their international business volume without risk.

  • European countries are getting more aggressive around local VAT management.
  • There are many bureaucratic tasks in different languages to manage VAT positions.
  • Thresholds and opening/managing procedures are different for every country.
  • Each VAT position costs from €2.000 to €6.000 a year, plus internal management costs.
  • Managing several payment partners is costly and time consuming.
  • Governments are progressively implementing laws to go after the companies that are not compliant.
  • Failure to solve issues can expose the company to big risks.

Advantages of Go Global Ecommerce



High Complexity: Multiple Partners
  • Set-up of at least 3 payment methods/country
  • Payment gateway
  • VAT & tax management
  • Tax & legal consultant
  • Fraud insurance
  • Employee for order management
  • Reconciliation & cash management
  • Returns & refunds
  • Multilingual customer care 
  • Logistics Management
  • Digital Legal consultant
Go Global Ecommerce

Go Global Ecommerce

Simplicity: A Unique Partner

Save hiring multiple partners by relying on Go Global Ecommerce's 20+ years of expertise. We handle all the complexities of cross-border ecommerce from a single entity. Increasing numbers of companies are using this working model.

  • Simplicity
  • Business Growth
  • Service excellence
  • Partnership
Greater simplicity

Greater simplicity

Avoid headaches by working with a unique partner experienced in the online sales sector.

Save time, money and effort

Save time, money and effort

Save time, money and effort that can be invested in other relevant areas of your business.

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue

Multiply your profits by selling your products to a bigger and more international audience.

Reduce risks

Reduce risks

Decrease the level of risk by delegating fiscal and legal issues to real experts in the matter.