Go Global Ecommerce and Tech Barcelona will collaborate as partners to promote innovation in the cross-border ecommerce sector

Go Global Ecommerce, an international company with more than 20 years of experience in cross-border ecommerce solutions, and Tech Barcelona, a private non-profit association of more than 1,200 technology and digital companies, have signed a collaboration agreement to foster innovation in the cross-border ecommerce and retail tech sector in Barcelona.

Through this collaboration, companies associated with the Tech Barcelona ecosystem will be able to come into contact with the expertise of Go Global Ecommerce, with more than two decades of experience helping leading brands such as Pernod Ricard, Nestlé, Blauer and MotoGP to sell all over the world. The incorporation of Go Global Ecommerce responds to the commitment to boost competitiveness in a sector with a growing demand, especially in Barcelona, focusing on key aspects for cross-border eCommerce such as legality, taxation, adaptability to the user experience, logistics and customer service at an international level.

In the words of Daniel Viniegra, Director of Expansion at Go Global Ecommerce, “It is an honour for us to be partners of an association like Tech Barcelona, which supports the digital transformation of technology companies and encourages us to export our knowledge to five continents in order to become leaders in the digital and technology sector”.

According to Miquel Martí, CEO of Tech Barcelona, “Barcelona is one of the most important eCommerce hubs in Europe. Initiatives have been developed in the city, which have turned into successful international projects. There are many challenges in the cross-border online commerce sector and having the collaboration and specialisation of a company of the stature of Go Global Ecommerce will provide great expertise in the online sales and retail tech sector of Tech Barcelona”.

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