How do sociodemographic characteristics help your cross-border marketing strategy?

If you want your marketing actions to be more precise and effective, you need to know how to target and customise them in a specific way. To do this, regardless of the target audience, you need to segment your CRM database. That is, classify your customers according to their characteristics, primarily sociodemographic. This allows you to learn more about their gender, age, city and/or country of residence, education level, occupation, income, etc. Despite being fundamental, this information alone is not always enough to determine what customers like and are inclined to buy. Therefore, in order to generate an even clearer picture and to be in a position to create ad hoc campaigns, it is important to cross-reference the socio-demographic, economic and geographic data of consumers, as well as their psychographic and behavioural characteristics – personality traits, interests, tastes, opinions, buying behaviour, etc.

But how can you collect useful information on the sociodemographic characteristics of customers and use it to your advantage? If you would like to learn more about this and other ways to help you develop personalised marketing strategies to achieve your goals, read the full article by our partner Skeepers by clicking on this link.

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