How to get started with your Inbound Marketing Cross-Border strategy?

When developing a cross-border marketing strategy one mustn’t neglect an aspect as important as Inbound Marketing. But how can you develop an effective Inbound Marketing strategy in the international market?.

We explain everything you need to know when starting a cross-border strategy in this post.

1. Exploit the commercial potential of social networks

Since Instagram started including an option to buy products via posts, it became an excellent opportunity for companies wanting to sell through social networks in different countries, helping them to establish a direct connection between users and companies.

Therefore, when expanding your business into international markets, it is a very good idea to carry out influencer marketing actions across different social networks with local profiles in order to help you connect with your target audience.

2. Local content creators

When it comes to developing a content strategy, many businesses tend to replicate the same model across different types of markets; an error that can damage a strategy in the long run.

Companies should adapt to the language and local culture of each market they are working in, as it will help them better connect with potential customers. For this to be achieved, a very effective strategy is to work with local content creation profiles that have knowledge of their own market and are able to connect with specific audiences.

3. Personalised content

A mistake many companies tend to make is to use the same content in the regions they are present in, ignoring the cultural specificities of each individual region.

To compete in the international market and stand apart from big players such as Amazon, one needs to create personalised and differentiated content that gives value to the target audience. To achieve this, the interests and pain points of potential consumers need to be researched, as well as the way in which they express themselves.

4. Virtual Reality (VR)

A picture is worth a thousand words. Virtual Reality (VR) is a very powerful technology that helps you to sell more and connect with audiences in different countries simply by using images as a communication channel.

We recommend adding this tool to your e-commerce platforms and other communication channels as it will help you connect directly with audiences in any country.

5. Apply Inbound Marketing techniques to your Paid Media Strategy

Be more specific with the keywords used in campaign strategies in order to attract the desired users. Research what keywords your audience uses in each market so as to get as close as possible to their search intent.

Now that you know the pillars of a good international Inbound Marketing strategy, why not start putting it into action?.

If you need help implementing your international Inbound Marketing strategy, Jevnet are experts in creating International Inbound Marketing strategies, and can help you to attract customers to your business and boost your international e-commerce.

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