New partnership signed between Go Global Ecommerce and Jevnet

A partnership has been signed between Go Global Ecommerce, and Jevnet, a leader in the management and optimisation of digital marketing campaigns.

This strategic partnership, which integrates the services offered by the two companies, marks the beginning of a new approach to cross-border online sales. An opportunity for growth for both parties translates into exciting benefits for their respective clients and creates best practices for the industry to emulate.

“Working with Go Global Ecommerce has been very valuable for Jevnet. The company is, in fact, a leader in cross-border ecommerce, and this gives us great business opportunities.” commented Jordi Esqueriguela, CEO of Jevnet.

“Our partnership with Jevnet represents an important strategic alliance. Their expertise in digital marketing will help many of our clients to professionally digitise their business, increase their online presence and achieve their expansion goals.” adds Daniel Viniegra, Global Expansion Officer of Go Global Ecommerce.

It is a partnership that will bring significant benefits to cross-border ecommerce, strengthening and implementing the cross-border online sales strategies of two leading companies.

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