(AMS: CMCOM) is a global leader in cloud software focused on conversational commerce. Our software products enable companies to offer a superior customer experience. Our platform, which includes communication and payment applications, enables marketing, sales and customer service departments to automate customer engagement through the most widely used mobile communication channels, along with simple payment capabilities that boost sales, win customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Key services


MSC: Mobile Service Cloud optimises customer service and takes it to the highest level. The conversation dashboard minimises the pressure put on operators and maximises NPS and ROI.


WhatsApp Business Platform: WhatsApp allows you to enhance communication by sending dynamic content such as images, videos, locations and more. With WhatsApp Business it is possible to set up quick replies, send alerts and notifications, and manage customer support.


Chatbot: Chatbot allows you to create a fully automated customer journey. Even more possibilities and even more data to achieve better results.

“We realised from the very beginning that it was going to be a positive partnership. Everything went swimmingly from the very start. After just a few months we were collaborating on what went far beyond the simple adoption of our software, organising a webinar together and actions for the benefit of major clients.”

Cristina Parigi
Country Manager of


Go Global Ecommerce provides efficient, successful customer service, thanks to’s tools and contact channels. This means that end customers receive a speedy response and that we can clarify their doubts and provide them with solutions wherever they are in the world.