Cross-Border Magazine

Cross-Border Magazine

Cross-Border Magazine is a media outlet created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and aims to provide brands and businesses with access to the latest information regarding international commerce, e-commerce and global trade.

With a global scope from a pan-European perspective, Cross-Border Magazine provides all the relevant information for any entrepreneur or brand who wishes to do business in Europe, or from Europe, to the rest of the world.

Both in physical and digital format, Cross-Border Magazine keeps tabs on the most relevant news, white papers and reports, interviews and, above all, information regarding the world of e-commerce and global commerce.

And the best thing of all is that Cross-Border Magazine is free for anyone who wishes to subscribe!

Key services


Media outlets specialised in news regarding cross-border trade, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship.


Digital marketing and brand recognition services, allowing companies and brands to connect with cross-border audiences via articles, interviews and other content marketing formats.

“Ever since Go Global Ecommerce became a partner at Cross-Border Magazine our subscribers have been able to keep up-to-date with internationalisation strategies for their business, news about cross-border e-commerce and have access to many other interesting resources related to the industry.”

Sanne Leenders


Brands and companies who become partners at Cross-Border Magazine gain immediate access to an extensive and expansive source of information regarding cross-border operations, e-commerce and entrepreneurship. Cross-Border Magazine partnerships are regularly highlighted and showcased in articles, news, interviews and all kinds of media.