Homeless Entrepreneur

Homeless Entrepreneur

Homeless Entrepreneur is inclusive and fosters economic empowerment to end homelessness for those willing and able to participate.

By leveraging technology, #HomelessEntrepreneurs are able to become active citizens again by developing their professional skills on a job creation platform, which is backed by blockchain technology that provides greater credibility and traceability, and ultimately creates a sustainable community that grows organically.

Key services


Homeless Helpline: Collects real-time data from and about homeless people, or those about to become homeless, and connects them to available resources, aiming to prevent and reduce homelessness.


Homeless Voices: Provides insight into the lives of homeless individuals to connect them with their community, along with housing and employment opportunities so that they can increase their income and assets.


HELP Program: Provides a support pathway to independence through incentivising employment opportunities and fostering entrepreneurial activities. It is a holistic one-year program that addresses poverty, works in conjunction with our Housing Launchpad program – or already existing housing programs – in order to create sustainable change via active citizenship, community and life purpose.

“Public-private partnerships will end homelessness and we’re proud to partner up with Go Global Ecommerce to show exactly how it’s done.”

Andrew Funk


This partnership seeks to accelerate the process of ending homelessness via employment, market access and training. We have already ended homelessness for one person and we look forward to empowering the next person and inspiring other companies to have a greater social impact on their local community via CSR, work and active citizenship.