JEVNET is a digital marketing agency that is responsible for providing a range of services within the online ecosystem to all kinds of companies and businesses that want to grow and scale.

As a member of the Google Premier Partner program, JEVNET sits among the highest ranks of agencies offering advertising services in Spain. Given its status with Google, JEVNET has the advantage of providing its marketing experts with continuous education. It also has direct contact with Google, which means exclusive benefits for its clients.

They recently obtained the well-deserved recognition as one of the best SEO and SEM agencies in Spain.

Key services


JEVNET is a Paid Media Agency. It manages advertising campaigns on the main search engines such as Google and Bing.


JEVNET also manages advertising campaigns on the most relevant social networks (Meta, LinkedIn and Tiktok), highlighting the possibility of showing exclusive ads in segmented niche portals for the business of their clients thanks to programmatic advertising.


JEVNET uses SEO positioning to help its clients grow organically and naturally and climb the ranks in user searches, thereby ensuring that the companies and businesses that place their trust in it can get ahead of their direct competitors.

“Working with Go Global Ecommerce has been very valuable for both companies. Go Global Ecommerce is the leading company in cross-border e-commerce and this open up great business opportunities for us. In turn, through this partnership, we provide our expertise in the field of digital marketing, allowing more businesses to digitize professionally and to achieve their goals of internationalisation.”

Jordi Esqueriguela
CEO & Founder


The opportunity to work together to offer eCommerce a clear and efficient way of managing international sales and shipments, so that the cross-border does not represent an expense for merchants, but a real opportunity for business growth.