PIMEC is the employers’ association that represents the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and the self-employed of Catalonia. Currently chaired by Antoni Cañete. Its origins date back to the year 1975, when it was constituted just at the start of the democratic transition. In 1994 it merged with the AEI (Independent Business Association) and in 1997 with the organisation SEFES.

PIMEC represents all the SMEs in Catalonia and has 132,000 associates and more than 300 collective members, such as unions and business associations.

Key services


Business Strategy: The strategic area is focused, above all, on helping and accompanying you in decision making and in the execution of actions and programs that ensure the continuity of your business.


Internationalization: We are a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team, and experts in international trade, which offers customized support based on the needs and resources of your company.


Technology and innovation: Management solutions, your business on the internet and in the cloud, telecommuting and cybersecurity. We are committed to the digital transformation of businesses, and we help you identify the levers of change, and implement the tools and resources available to gain efficiency, speed and security.

“Thinking big and thinking digitally is how I would define the partnership that unites us with Go Global Ecommerce. As a result of our united actions, Catalonian companies can count on having the right support and advice to achieve the objective of expansion into new borders.”

Miriam Sabaté
International Department Director


We collaborate with implementing initiatives that direct the growth and application of techniques and business strategies to ensure success. With the experience of Go Global Ecommerce and PIMEC, SMEs in Catalonia can access the best advice for the expansion of their businesses.