At Skeepers, we help brands create value for their customers by using SaaS solutions that increase ROI and customer engagement.

Skeepers employs 500 people, operates in 44 countries, and represents a turnover of almost 50 million. Since November 2019, the group has
raised more than 130 million euros. Our goal is to become the global leader in customer engagement.

The group provides pragmatic and cost-effective SaaS solutions that cover the entire customer journey, increase the value of their customers and generate incremental revenue quickly.

Key services


Engage: transforming consumers into value contributors.


Improve: improving and optimising the customer experience through data collection and feedback.


Activate: promotion and activation of hyper-individualised marketing across all channels, using data collected by other solutions.

“Our partnership with Go Global Ecommerce means that clients looking to internationalise and sell outside of their home markets can be fully supported by us. Go Global Ecommerce was the key to making that happen, and we are the key to making it succeed given that companies base strategies on local and voice-of-the-customer profiles. It’s vital to know how we’re doing. If we don’t know they feel, how can we guarantee their loyalty?”

Maria Rey
Senior Partner Manager


Our clients can access services to help complement their digital internationalisation strategy. Each buyer persona is different depending on their demographic and cultural characteristics, and as companies we must work together to meet their needs and build a quality online reputation. Skeepers offers a range of services that will help you to improve your strategies and best practices for international reputation.