ZeroGrey is an e-commerce accelerator that drives growth for brands, shaping the future of their digital strategies. Our pioneering methodology, combining consultancy, analisis and best practices, has made us the leading company in online innovation for the past 22 years.

We guide brands through the many challenges presented online, analysing the bigger picture and providing concrete solutions via services which include E-Commerce Strategy, Technology, Data & Marketing and UX/UI.

An added value is our consultancy expertise for big brands; high conversion rates achieved; digitised processes; and strategic direction tailored to business needs, with an actionable plan that includes industry trends, tech skills and innovative ideas.

Key services


Strategy: We define the strategic direction of your e-commerce business, with you and for you. Customized and adapted to your business needs.


Data & Marketing: Maximise the effectiveness of your marketing. We turn your data into a competitive resource and use it to make faster, smarter decisions.


TECHnology – Wearable Lab ®: Incorporate the best technology stack that caters to your needs. Technology is chosen according to your brand objectives.

UX/UI: We assess strengths and weaknesses, and where the opportunities are for your e-commerce business to improve its purchase flows, by creating a user experience that ensures high conversion rates.

“A localised online shopping experience is the key to reaching new markets. Go Global Ecommerce simplifies the complexity of reaching new end-consumers, and at ZeroGrey we take care to meet the demanding requirements of today’s online shoppers. This is a partnership that allows us to deliver and guarantee an unparalleled user experience.”

Ileano Testa
Managing Director


A localised experience that translates. Both talented and professional professionals in the e-commerce sector for more than two decades, the two companies’ combined efforts have led to an exceptional shopping experience which is tailored to each market, building loyalty with end-consumers and taking their online shopping preferences into account.