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Looking to expand into the online international market? Want peace of mind that it will be a success? The sure-fire way to successful internationalisation
When going international with e-commerce, there are many factors to take into account, such as SEO, user experience and logistics. However, during the process,
More and more e-commerce companies are taking the leap into internationalisation. Inevitably, a broader potential consumer base of cross-border commerce means unparalleled growth opportunities,
Although Brexit is now an established element of the world we live in (initiations started in 2016), the shockwaves it caused throughout the European
There are several reasons why Europe is an attractive market for US fashion brands. Firstly, if you decide to open a branch of your
The year 2022 has proved itself a particularly favourable year for e-commerce growth in general, and for cross-border e-commerce activities in particular, keeping in line with the
Many growing businesses are making expansion into other markets their next move. To this end, Europe is a major area of opportunity for all
If you want your marketing actions to be more precise and effective, you need to know how to target and customise them in a
While global marketing consists of the generalised launch of messages aimed at the whole world, localised marketing focuses on a smaller target audience. Even
Italy is one of the countries most affected by online fraud, though the trend is increasing worldwide. With growth of cross-border ecommerce and online
In recent years, the Xiaomi brand has made its mark on markets around the world, quickly becoming a leader in its field. Founded in
2022 opened as a rather eventful year. Inflation has made the financial markets very volatile, and new regulations have had an additional impact on
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