Sell global, act local: the partnership between Go Global Ecommerce and Skeepers is born

Sell global, act local. Not just a saying but a real “modus operandi”, especially for companies that sell online globally. One of the most important challenges of internationalization, in fact, is knowing the target audience of the country in which you operate and create tailor-made experiences.

This is the goal of the collaboration between Go Global Ecommerce, a provider of cross-border ecommerce solutions for direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies seeking to internationalize their brands, and Skeepers, a group leader in Customer Experience, which offers pragmatic and ROI SaaS solutions that cover the entire customer journey and enable brands to increase their customers´ value, by quickly generating incremental revenue. The aim of the collaboration is to provide companies with all the tools they need to govern best business strategies and decision-making related to creating value for their customers. An increasing number of companies are revolutionizing the world of D2C ecommerce without relying on intermediaries.

“With Skeepers, we can now combine joint actions to improve customer experience in order to help brands improve their online performance and trigger more relevant and profitable marketing actions. This is a step forward towards a new challenge of internationalization that sees companies increasingly confronted with customer satisfaction as an essential factor,” explains Daniel Viniegra, Global Expansion Officer at Go Global Ecommerce.

“Through our partnership with Go Global Ecommerce, we help companies to go beyond national borders, to adopt a 360-degree strategy by putting consumers at the centre of their strategy. This partnership is a complementary alliance: Go Global Ecommerce helps growing companies internationalize their online sales, reaching more and more customers in different countries. Parallelly, at Skeepers, we help companies understand how happy those international customers are with their purchase, so companies can use this information to improve services and thus increase loyalty and conversion.” Maria Rey, Senior Partner Manager Iberia at Skeepers.

Skeepers is a leader in customer experience and engagement. Through solutions such as Verified Reviews, User Generated Video, CX Management, AI Marketing Activation, Influencer Marketing and Live Shopping, the group offers complementary and cross-functional services that control the customer experience cycle from discovery, through the purchase journey, to reward and re-engagement.

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