How bright is the future for US online fashion?


September 06, 2022

How bright is the future for US online fashion?
Fashion has always come out on top where cross-border e-commerce is concerned. Online sales of fashion apparel, footwear and accessories in the United States have enjoyed steady growth over the last two decades and statistics strongly indicate that they will continue to do so. In the last three years fashion e-commerce has enjoyed even greater success, with more and more businesses jumping on the trend. Yet online fashion stores are nothing new. In fact, they were the pioneers of e-commerce, and companies such as Amazon have been selling a large proportion of fashion items from day one. What’s more, young women (under 35) are deemed to be the driving force behind the growth of fashion e-commerce, as well as female consumers accounting for nearly two thirds of its online traffic. The ease with which they navigate these stores is often as a result of the “portable stores” we possess: a series of popular fashion store applications downloaded to our phones. Inevitably, however, an increase in sales also means an increase in competition. Therefore, customer satisfaction is key.

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