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Merchant of Record: Why is it important to work with one?

A Merchant of Record is responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulations specific to the countries and states where it sells, including transaction management, fraud prevention, refund management, cancellations and returns, global payments, invoicing and risk mitigation. We are also in charge, as an intermediary company, of maintaining a direct relationship with consumers and final suppliers of the brands.

As Merchant of Record (MoR) we are the “white-label” distributor for B2C e-commerce transactions. We take care of reselling the brands’ products to their end consumers, managing all cross- border e-commerce operations and protecting the brands from any risk when selling online internationally.

At Go Global Ecommerce, as Merchant of Record, we are dedicated to offering solutions to achieve the global expansion of brands, always ensuring compliance with the regulation and data privacy (GDPR). We take on all the complexities of international e-commerce operations to increase brand profitability.

Merchant of Record Model

In 5 steps

Step 1
Customer purchase initiated
A costumer initiates the purchase process on the vendor's website and is then taken to the checkout page, which is hosted by the MoR solution.
Step 2
Payment is made
When the shopper makes a payment, a single transaction takes place between the MoR (reseller) and the end-user.
Step 3
Pass the right of use
The MoR passes the right of use for ownership of the product from the vendor to the customer.
Step 4
Transaction complete
When the transaction is complete, the soft descriptor on the customer's credit card statement is usually the website's name, where the purchase took place, or a combination of the vendor and MoR's names.
Step 5
Post-sale responsibility
The MoR is responsible for any post-sale disputes. For example, should a customer attempt to reverse the charges by initiating a chargeback, the MoR i liable.

What difficulties do online brands face when selling internationally?

Online sales can lead to increased profits, but if your brand doesn’t handle the process properly, it can lead to non-compliance with laws and additional costs. Each country presents different bureaucratic tasks and legislative changes, and failure to comply with regulations exposes brands to great risks. There are also added risk factors such as identity theft, fraud or poor customer service. At Go Global Ecommerce we ensure legal and tax compliance, as well as guarantee GDPR compliance and data protection so that your company can go about its business with peace of mind. For this reason, the figure of the Merchant of Record is necessary and facilitates all processes.

At Go Global Ecommerce, we work to eliminate risks and protect your brand. Our capacity as Merchant of Record is a distinctive feature that will help to increase international turnover with the peace of mind of a fiscal management that is well executed and within the legal framework.

Merchant of Record Benefits

Your financial operations simplified
Financial responsibility is transferred
A cost-effective solution
A Merchant of Record allows you to Go Global immediately
A Merchant of Record helps you stay compliant
A Merchant of Record streamlines communication


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